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Public transport
Turnkey solutions for the transit systems
Passengers comfort - top priority!
Modern technology to help passengers and facilitate day to day operations
Minimalistic devices are in complete aesthetic sync with surroundings yet clearly visible to passengers
Displaying itinerary, schedules as well as important information for the convenience of people
Robust mounts are designed for the safety of all passengers and their variety provides different kinds of mounting options
Mounts for electronic schedule displays
Trains and planes schedule boards will help passengers get to their destination on time!
Safe travels!
People often have to use public transport to travel to unfamiliar places and sometimes in a foreign city or even country. It is often difficult to navigate unfamiliar surroundings and many people have faced the problem of not getting out at the desired station. The ideal solution is an electronic route display. Robust brackets that can be placed on ceilings and walls will help passengers track their route on an electronic display board. The systems' slim profile and minimalistic design will be almost invisible to passengers, but at the same time will play an important role in creating their comfort
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