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Turnkey solutions for modernization of various venues
Functionality and beauty
Sports facilities are an inseparable part of our lives - they, much like ourselves, must keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing business and tech landscape
Sports venues
Gyms, swimming pools, dance studios, etc
Bowling, pool, parks and recreational facilities
Large spaces
Sports fields, tennis courts, and other sports venues
Reliable wall mounts
Will help you keep score and not miss crucial moments
Wall mounts
Mounted television sets are necessary in almost any sports or entertainment venue. You can play videos or show images on the screen, watch broadcasts of sports games, display the score or any other relevant information. ONKRON wall brackets have the capability to extend or tilt into a position convenient for viewers. Our systems can carry heavy weights and are securely anchored to walls to keep people safe. On top of it all, they have a minimalist design and a modern look
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