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Turnkey solutions for security systems and CCTV monitoring
Reliable in every detail!
Our mounting systems that are ideal for monitors, large screens and projectors will last for years to come
Ergonomic design of our mounts allows them to be installed practically without loss of space even in small room
Mounting systems height and tilt adjustment help facilitate the work process
Solutions for different occasions
Mounts for monitors, displays, TVs, projectors and other appliances in any room
Minimalist mounts for projectors
Height adjustment possibility for ceilings of different height
How to organize a security system
CCTV surveillance systems have become the cornerstone of security and safety in our modern society. The police as well as private security companies use CCTV camera footage on a daily basis to investigate crimes, catch criminals, and keep order in the streets and private properties. Security guards often must survey six to nine screens at a time, while law enforcement have even more information to deal with. All these systems require reliable mounting solutions which ONKRON is happy to provide!
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Business solutions