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HORECA industry
SInteractive display mounting systems for cafes and restaurants
Ready-made solutions for restaurants
Creating a comfortable atmosphere for customers has a positive effect on increasing sales and attendance of the establishment
The brackets fit perfectly into the interior and allow proprietors to place screens on walls as well as ceilings
Up-to-date information on discounts and special offers, as well as an interactive menu, make it easier for customers to choose and buy food
Mounted displays can play videos or show photos to create a welcoming atmosphere
Wall mounts to display menus
Helping customers make better and quicker choices for their orders and making a positive effect on overall experience
Improving the workflow
Often in a fast food cafe or with a large flow of customers, it becomes necessary to speed up and optimize the sale as much as possible. Brackets for touch screen cash registers allow you to install them in a comfortable position and at the same time free up the work space. They perfectly match the interior due to their minimalistic appearance. In turn, the person standing behind the checkout will do their job faster thanks to the capabilities of the touch device and visual representations of menu items
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