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Solutions for healthcare providers
Comfort for both patients and doctors
White screen mounts and TV carts will seamlessly fit into any hospital interior, proving to be valuable assets in day to day operations
Screens are used everywhere - at the front desk, at nurse stations, inside operating rooms
Reliable mounting solutions will protect all patients and employees from accidents
Minimalistic design of TV carts and thin profile of wall mounts will allow for a seamless fit into hospital interior
Ergonomic mobile TV stand
Mobility and space saving when it is most needed
Patients comfort - a top priority
All too often, in emergency rooms and free clinics, patients must wait their turn to be examined by a doctor on a 'first come first serve' basis. This situation may prove to be disorienting and even nerve-wracking, especially for someone in pain. In order to avoid disorganized queueing, hospitals around the world are installing e-ticket systems. Tilting wall mounts make it possible to hang screens showing the queue order right under the ceiling for everyone to see
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