Business solutions
Solutions to increase audience engagement
Advertising on screens and displays
ONKRON's complex solutions are aimed at deploying digital advertising and increasing audience engagement
Client adaptation
Notifying clients of current offers, displaying news and important information
New clients
Interactive advertising as a means to stand out against the "noise" of other media
Customer retention
Personalized message exchange with the audience, building of customer trust
Minimalistic mounts for digital signage
Ceiling mounts make it possible to place digital signboards where everybody can see them
Mobile TV stands for digital panels
One of the most important tasks of any store is to optimize the customer's purchase journey. Touch screens are often used to help clients search for products or to find their way around a shopping mall. We understand the need to position these panels in the most convenient places, and our mobile TV stand is a real godsend for stores. Ergonomic build, high-quality materials and a long service life are among the most important criteria for this product. The minimalist design of the stand will fit into any interior, attract customers, and delight the owners
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Business solutions